Office of the Secretary of the Senate

Phone: (207) 287-1540
Fax: (207) 287-1900
Address: 3 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333
The Secretary of the Senate is the chief administrative officer of the Senate. Elected by the Senators at the beginning of each Session, the Secretary performs a variety of tasks necessary to the efficient operation of the Senate.
The Secretary keeps a journal of proceedings; a verbatim record of floor debate; prepares the Advance Journal and Calendar of the Senate; reads bills, messages and documents; is responsible for all papers, bills and documents in possession of the Senate; and transmits messages and papers to the Governor, Clerk of the House and the Secretary of State. Additonally , the Secretary maintains a record of votes and other actions by the Senate.
Aided by an Assistant Secretary of the Senate and staff, the Secretary performs a variety of additional duties including selecting, hiring and maintaining personnel files of the office staff, ordering necessary equipment and supplies, supervising the work flow of the office, providing information for individual Senators, preparing and distributing a weekly schedule of Joint Standing Committee public hearings, overseeing the Senate web content and presentation, supervising the printing of all Senate papers. The Secretary approves vouchers for officers and employees of the Senate.
Suggesting a committee reference for bills is another of the Secretary’s responsibilities in conjunction with the Clerk of the House. In addition, the Secretary processes the various nominations by the Governor that require Senate confirmation.
The Secretary supervises chamber staff, appointed by the President: a sergeant-at-arms, a postmaster, pages and daily honorary pages.
Heather J.R. Priest, Secretary of the Senate
Shawn L. Roderick, Assistant Secretary of the Senate
Tabetha J. Peters, Chief Calendar Clerk
Melissa A. Hinkley, Stamping Clerk
Barbara Thayer, Senate Reporter
Bethany O’Brien, Office Manager
Brad Sawyer, Senior Executive Secretary
Kim Pettengill, Executive Secretary
Ryan Harmon, Sergeant-at-Arms
Joshua Lilley, Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms
John Seed, Chamber Staff
Peter Weston, Chamber Staff
Eliza Woodcock, Chamber Staff