Joint Select Committee on Joint Rules

The Joint Rules govern the transaction of business by both chambers, between the chambers and by members of both chambers, including many of the activities of joint legislative committees. The business of the separate chambers and most actions of members are governed by chamber rules.
Committee Members

Senate: Garrett P. Mason, Chair (R-Androscoggin)
Andre E. Cushing III (R-Penobscot)
Paul T. Davis, Sr. (R-Piscataquis)
Stan Gerzofsky (D-Cumberland)
Dawn Hill (D-York)
House: Sara Gideon, Chair (D-Freeport)
John L. Martin (D-Eagle Lake)
Matthew W. Moonen (D-Portland)
Roger L. Sherman (R-Hodgdon)†
Donald G. Marean (R-Hollis)

View the Joint Rules.

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