Environment and Natural Resources (ENR)

Committee Room: Room 216, Cross State Office Building
Phone: (207) 287-4149
Audio: www.maine.gov/legis/audio/natural_res_cmte.html
Mailing Address: Committee on Environment and Natural Resources, c/o Legislative Information, 100 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333
Committee Jurisdiction
Air and water quality; natural resource protection; site location of development laws, shoreland zoning, subdivisions and growth management; management and disposal of solid, hazardous, biomedical and special wastes; hydropower and dams; waste-to-energy facilities; mining; general environmental policy, including oversight of the Department of Environmental Protection; and returnable containers.
Committee Members

The members of the Joint Standing Committees of the 127th Legislature have not yet been named.
We will be updating the website to add this information as soon as it becomes available.