Education and Cultural Affairs (EDU)

Committee Room: Room 202, Cross State Office Building
Phone: (207) 287-3125
Mailing Address: Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs, c/o Legislative Information, 100 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333
Committee Jurisdiction
Department of Education; State Board of Education; school finance, governance and administration; school budgets; school facilities; curriculum, instruction and assessment; teachers and administrators; special education and child development services; education of deaf and hard-of-hearing students; career and technical education; alternative education, school choice and home schooling; truancy and dropouts; educational services at juvenile correctional facilities; adult education; Maine Education Policy Research Institute; University of Maine System; Maine Community College System; Maine Maritime Academy; postsecondary education finance and governance; student assistance programs at Finance Authority of Maine; and cultural affairs, including Maine Arts Commission, Maine State Library, Maine State Museum and Maine Public Broadcasting Corporation.
Committee Members
Senator Rebecca J. Millett (D-Cumberland), Chair
Senator Christopher K. Johnson (D-Lincoln)
Senator Brian D. Langley (R-Hancock)
Representative W. Bruce MacDonald (D-Boothbay), Chair
Representative Mary Pennell Nelson (D-Falmouth)
Representative Helen Rankin (D-Hiram)
Representative Matthea Elisabeth Larsen Daughtry (D-Brunswick)
Representative Brian L. Hubbell (D-Bar Harbor)
Representative Victoria P. Kornfield (D-Bangor)
Representative Peter B. Johnson (R-Greenville)*
Representative Joyce A. Maker (R-Calais)
Representative Michael D. McClellan (R-Raymond)
Representative Matthew G. Pouliot (R-Augusta)
Representative Madonna M. Soctomah (Passamaquoddy Tribe)