Legislative Committees

Public Hearings and Work Sessions

Joint Standing Committees
Joint standing committees are formed to assist the Legislature in the performance of its constitutional duties and are vested with the general authority granted in the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 3, section 165 and certain other specific authority granted from time to time by the Legislature. The responsibilities of joint standing committees include, but are not limited to: pending legislation; budget and fiscal policy issues; actions of departments and agencies; Gubernatorial appointments; and other tasks assigned to them. There are established 16 joint standing committees.
Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry (ACF)
Appropriations and Financial Affairs (AFA)
Criminal Justice and Public Safety (CJPS)
Education and Cultural Affairs (EDU)
Energy, Utilities, and Technology (EUT)
Environment and Natural Resources (ENR)
Heath and Human Services (HHS)
Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (IFW)
Insurance and Financial Services (IFS)
Judiciary (JUD)
Labor, Commerce, Research and Economic Development (LCRED)
Marine Resources (MAR)
State and Local Government (SLG)
Taxation (TAX)
Transportation (TRA)
Veterans and Legal Affairs (VLA)
Committee Membership List (download) – PDF
Joint Select Committees
A joint select committee consists of 3 Senators and 7 members of the House of Representatives, unless the order creating the committee provides a different number.
Joint Rules
Other Legislative Committees
Government Oversight Committee (GOC)
Senate Standing Committees
Bills in Their Second Reading
Conduct and Ethics
Engrossed Bills
Senate Rules
Senatorial Vote

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