Senator Rodney Whittemore

Representing Senate District 26 which includes Anson, Athens, Bingham, Brighton Plantation, Canaan, Caratunk, Lexington Twp., Concord Twp., Cornville, Dennistown Plantation, Embden, Fairfield, Highland Plantation, Jackman, Madison, Moose River, Moscow, New Portland, Norridgewock, Northeast Somerset Twp. (includes Soldiertown Twp., Thorndike Twp., Brassua Twp., Tomhegan, Rockwood Strip, Taunton & Raynham, Long Pond Twp., p/o Parlin Pond Twp., Misery Twp., Sapling Twp., Chase Stream Twp., Indian Stream Twp., Moxie Gore, Squaretown Twp., East Moxie Twp., Bald Mountain Twp., Mayfield Twp., p/o Twp. 2 R-6, Forsyth Twp., Holeb Twp., Attean Twp., Bradstreet Twp., Appleton Twp., Hobbstown Twp., Lower Enchanted Twp., Bowtown Twp., Flagstaff Twp., Bigelow Twp., Dead River Twp., Carrying Place, King & Bartlett Twp., Upper Enchanted Twp., p/o Parlin Pond Twp., p/o Twp. 2 R-6, Pleasant Ridge Plantation, Big W Twp., Little W Twp., West Middlesex Canal Grant, Seboomook Twp., Plymouth Twp., Pittston Academy Grant, Alder Brook Twp., Sandy Bay Twp., Bald Mountain Twp., Hammond Twp., Blake Gore, Prentiss Twp., Dole Brook Twp., Comstock Twp., Russell Pond Twp., St. John Twp., Big 6 Twp., Big 10 Twp., T4 R16 – a/k/a Elm Stream Twp., Skowhegan, Solon, Starks, The Forks Plantation and West Forks Plantation.

WhittemoreContact Information: Senate Minority Office (207) 287-1505


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Committee Membership: Insurance & Financial Services; Senate Conduct and Ethics.

Term Limited: 2018