126th Maine Senators

Each Senator is elected for a term of two years, and limited to four consecutive terms.  A Senator must be a citizen of Maine for at least one year, be a resident of the district for at least 3 months prior to the election and continue to reside within the district during the term of office, and be at least 25 years of age at the time of election.
ALFOND, Justin (District 8)
BOYLE, James (District 6)
BURNS, David (District 29)
CAIN, Emily (District 30)
CLEVELAND, John (District 15)
COLLINS, Ron (District 2)
CRAVEN, Margaret (District 16)
CUSHING, Andre (District 33)
DUTREMBLE, David (District 4)
FLOOD, Patrick (District 21)
GERZOFSKY, Stan (District 10)
GRATWICK, Geoffrey (District 32)
HAMPER, James (District 13)
HASKELL, Anne (District 9)
HILL, Dawn (District 1)
JACKSON, Troy (District 35)
JOHNSON, Chris (District 20)
KATZ, Roger (District 24)
LACHOWICZ, Colleen (District 25)
LANGLEY, Brian (District 28)
MASON, Garrett (District 17)
MAZUREK, Ed (District 22)
MILLETT, Rebecca (District 7)
PATRICK, John (District 14)
PLUMMER, Gary (District 12)
SAVIELLO, Tom (District 18)
SHERMAN, Roger (District 34)
THIBODEAU, Michael (District 23)
THOMAS, Doug (District 27)
TUTTLE, John (District 3)
VALENTINO, Linda (District 5)
VITELLI, Eloise (District 19)
WHITTEMORE, Rodney (District 26)
WOODBURY, Richard (District 11)
YOUNGBLOOD, Edward (District 31)